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Formed in 2016, Why Don't We is a phenomenal American boy band group consisting of five supremely talented singers and songwriters. When they began their career as a group in 2016, the individual members initially had separate careers. They later crossed paths via a series of national tours and only collaborated when it came to touring together and attending various events which led them to form a pop band. Since the band was talented and loved music, they used to upload their songs online before establishing themselves as a popular pop band. The band's first recording 'On My Way ', was premiered on Instagram alongside a static video. They later did 'Taking You' which catapulted them to debuting on the charts followed by their single 'Nobody Gotta Know' whose music video was directed by the popular Vlogger Logan Paul who also happens to be equally popular. This far, Why Don't We has released about two EPs titled 'Only the Beginning' and 'Something Different'. They also dropped an epic mash-up called 'Forever' as part of their 'Weekend Words with Why Don't We' video series on April 1st. The mash-up had a series of combinations including songs such as 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever', 'Forever Young', and much more. Whereas some of their musical influences include Jon Bellion and Harry Connick, they would definitely describe their sound as being a baby of the Chain smokers, Justin Beiber, and Drake. Some of their industry inspirations include 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, and Boy Marley. The band plans to take a break from July 11th to August 12th so that they can focus on their 'Something Different' tour of Atlanta, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Dallas, and San Diego.

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